Mr Suds Car Wash: Get Your Car Gleaming Now Easier Than Ever!

Mr Suds Car Wash was built to offer local communities a state-of-the-art car wash that comes with great customer service. This car wash and detail center is located in Bay Shore, Copiague, East Islip, and Port Washington in New York and is the top in its class.

They make sure to use only the best equipment and soaps available, and their team of car cleaning experts goes above and beyond what the machines can do, providing an unparalleled level of service.

Its mission is to create an amazing car wash experience by having excellent chemistry, machines, and service. They are committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience and creating an enjoyable car washing experience that goes beyond basic machine operation.

Year of Establishment

Mr Sudz car wash was founded by Michael Grubka back in 1997 in the small town of Bay Shore, New York. It has now been 26 years since it was first opened and has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for car owners looking to get their cars washed or detailed within the community.

With its reliable services and high-quality results, car owners from all around Bay Shore come to Mr Sudz to give their cars the special treatment that it deserves.

From interior and exterior detailing to car waxing, you can be sure that your car will leave looking better than ever when it leaves the hands of the professionals at Mr Sudz’s car wash. With an emphasis on customer service, a dedicated staff, and top-of-the-line equipment, this car wash offers quality and convenience to those who come through its doors.

Where to Find Mr Suds Car Wash Locations

Mr Sudz car wash is a reliable and well-known establishment that can be found in many places across the United States. They have won the loyalty of their customers, and many car owners regularly make their way to one of their many locations for a thorough and quality cleaning of their vehicles.

From SUVs to saloons, Mr Sudz car wash is known to provide a premium cleaning service every time no matter the size or condition of the car. Their commitment to cleanliness and convenience has solidified them as one of the best car washes around, and they are sure to leave your car looking fresh and new.

Below are some hotspot locations of the car wash.

  • 1777 Airport Blvd, Cayce, SC 29033, USA
  • 301 Columbiana Dr. Columbia, SC 29210, USA
  • 989 Sunrise Hwy, Bay Shore, NY 11706, USA
  • 1191 Sunrise Hwy, Copiague, NY 11726, USA
  • 7341 Garners Ferry Rd Columbia, SC 29209, USA
  • 1980 Clemson Rd, Columbia, SC 29229, USA
  • 7333 Parklane Rd Columbia, SC 29223 USA
  • 9301 Two Notch Rd Columbia, SC 29223 USA

Types of Car Wash Service

Mr Sudz car wash is the right place to get a perfect car wash service, with a wide range of high-quality services available. They offer several car wash services, each tailored to meet the needs and budget of each customer, in addition to a monthly package, giving you the flexibility to find the one that best fits your unique situation.

Their services are tailored to ensure satisfaction with the results and customers have the option to choose between automatic wash, waxes, polishes, detailing and more, as well as access to a range of packages that could cover all their car washing needs for an entire month. Below are all the car wash services offered at Mr Suds car wash.

  • Wash Packages
  • Express Details
  • Detailing

Additionally, for customers that want their car spruced up daily; there is an unlimited plan so that customers can receive continual washing service for a single, budget-friendly monthly cost. Coming right up is the price of an individual wash or unlimited plan at Mr Suds car wash.

Car Wash Price

Well, one of the coolest things about this car wash is that you don’t have to break the bank to get your car looking new again. Below you will find all the car wash packages and their respective prices.

Wash Package

Exterior Wash

  • Price: $11.05 per wash [$24.95]
  • High-Pressure Prep
  • Wheel Bright/Rim Cleaner
  • Car Washed Through Tunnel
  • Outside Windows Cleaned
  • Hand Towel Dried
  • Free Self-Serve Vacuums

Exterior V.I.P Treatment

  • Price: $14.73 per wash [$34.95/m]
  • Exterior Wash Plus
  • Triple Polish Foam Wax
  • Under-carriage Wash
  • Tire Shine/Wheel Treatment
  • Free Self-Serve Vacuums

Exterior Works

  • Price: $23.01 per wash [$54.95/m]
  • Exterior V.I.P. Treatment plus
  • Body Gloss
  • Rain Shield
  • The Lava Bath
  • Ceramic Body Coating
  • Exterior Dressing
  • Free Self-Serve Vacuums

Full Service

  • Price: $24.86 per wash [$64.95/m]
  • Exterior Wash Plus
  • Blow Out of All Interior Surfaces with Compressed Air
  • Complete Vacuuming of Interior and Trunk
  • Inside Windows Cleaned
  • Dash Board Wiped
  • Ash Trays Emptied

V.I.P Treatment

  • Price: $30.38 per wash [$84.95/m]
  • Full Service Plus
  • Triple Polish Foam Wax
  • Undercarriage Wash
  • Tire Shine/Wheel Treatment
  • Wash 2 Front Rubber Mats

The Works

  • Price: $39.59 per wash [$134.95/m]
  • V.I.P. Treatment Plus:
  • Body Gloss
  • Rain Shield
  • The Lava Bath
  • Ceramic Body Coating
  • Exterior Dressing
  • Wash Mats (up to 4)
  • Mist Air Freshener (choice of scents

Express Details

Interior Super Clean Service

  • Price: $55.24
  • Full Service, plus:
  • The Interior is Extra Cleaned
  • Interior Dressing
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Ceramic Body Coating
  • Shampoo All Carpeted Mats & Clean All Plastic Mats
  • Mist Air Freshener (choice of scents)
  • Tire Shine

Premier Wax Service

  • Price: $55.24
  • V.I.P. Treatment, plus:
  • Express Hand Wax
  • Rain Shield
  • The Lava Bath
  • Ceramic Body Coating
  • Exterior Dressing

White Glove Service

  • Price: $92.06
  • Combination of:
  • 7 Interior Super Clean Service
  • 8 Premier Wax Service

Detailing Service

Interior Detail

  • Price: $149.99
  • Full-Service Hand Car Wash
  • Blow out of all vents, crevices, and dashboard gauges
  • All vinyl, plastic, and rubber deep cleaned and protected
  • Shampoo seats and carpets
  • Clean and shampoo rubber and carpeted floor mats
  • Leather seats cleaned and then conditioned for added protection
  • Complete vacuuming of interior and trunk
  • Shampoo & detail trunk, including the jambs
  • Clean and polish all glass inside and out
  • Tire shine applied

Exterior Detail

  • Price: $139.99
  • Full-Service Hand Car Wash
  • Tar and grease removal
  • Clay exterior painted surfaces of the vehicle to remove embedded dirt, stains, overspray, tree sap, and water spots
  • Minor scratch removal (compounding)
  • Paint shine rejuvenation (polish painted surfaces)
  • Hard paste wax applied and buffed by hand
  • All bumpers, chrome, wheel wells, and plastic moldings are cleaned and protected
  • Rims are thoroughly cleaned and polished
  • Tire shine

Complete Detail

  • Price: $199.99
  • Combination of both the Interior and Exterior Detail Packages

Business Hours

At Mr Suds car wash, time is not a barrier, therefore, the only thing that can stop you from giving your car a nice spruce up is yourself. They work round the clock to keep you satisfied. Below you will find the opening and closing hours of the car wash so that you can come in and have a nice refreshing wash whenever you can.

  • Mon: 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Tue: 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Wed: 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Thur: 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Fri: 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Sat: 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Sun: 8:00am to 5:00pm

The Benefits

The benefits of washing your car at Mr Sudz car wash are boundless, However, here are a few benefits you stand to enjoy if you wash your vehicle with them.

  1. Convenient location – the car wash is located in an easy-to-access area so you won’t have trouble getting there.
  2. Friendly staff – the staff are friendly and accommodating, making sure to provide the best service.
  3. Professional cleaning products – the car wash only uses the best products for a professional finish.
  4. Quality service – you can trust that you will get the best quality wash from Mr Suds Car Wash.
  5. Affordable prices – you can get a great wash at an affordable price.


Mr Suds Car Wash is an excellent option for anyone looking to get their car washed in a timely, accessible, and affordable manner. With friendly staff, the car wash guarantees a professional cleaning with fast-drying technology, quality products, and a satisfaction guarantee. Whether you need a quick spruce up or a full wash, Mr Sudz Car Wash has got you covered.

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